Pakistani Movie ”Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi” Breaks all Records


The $1 million Pakistan-made film “Main Houn Shahid Afridi” (“I am Shahid Afridi”) informs the storyline of a young man which dreams of becoming as great a person because Afridi, and the trials he faces as he tries to follow in his hero’s actions.

The big-hitting all-rounder had provided their blessing to the producers, but a week ago reacted angrily to an “obscene” scene shown within trailers for the film in which the leading man hugs as well as kisses a girl in a club

humyaon saeed’s film mein hoon shahid afridi was launched A couple of days in the past on Twenty third august in most over Pakistan.”mein hoon shahid afridi” is a huge hit throughout Pakistan, premier was on Twenty second august in which all top celebrities of Pakistan participated.from last A couple of days just about all cinema houses in Pakistan are going along with housefull,experts says that its a good film basically made on the life of Pakistani cricket celebrity shahid afridi.”mein hoon shahid afridi” is a huge budget with big cast including humayon saeed,mahnoor bloch,shafqat cheema,javed shiekh,annie jaferi,ismail tara and mathira within an product song.

its big support to local film industry simply because from last many years Pakistani film industry was going down as well as down.now everyone expectations due to this big hit movie ”mein hoon shahid afridi” will increase again the Pakistani film industry.

currently in Pakistan there’s trend of watching Hollywood and Bollywood films,Pakistani cinemas are earning handsome income from all of these foreign movies,Pakistani target audience want to watch local Pakistani films but nobody is making good movies in Pakistan because of too many problems such as the main is economy problem of pakistan.absolutely no producer want to commit big amount within movies,and for good film big spending budget with bet cast is necessary to get succes.now pakistani target audience are happy with ”mein hoon shahid afridi”,its a great indication for Pakistani film business.




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