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March 21, 2019

Arshad Warsi Apologises for ‘Offending’ Tweet

Actor Arshad Warsi has apologised for hurting the sentiments of a particular community on Twitter.  The actor is always proper on social media, however a recent comment of his didn’t go down well with his fans. It happened when he tweeted out a picture of a saint at Kumbh Mela in Allahabad with some derogatory comments. The remarks that he made on the tweet was not only offensive but he used derogatory words too which was reported on Twitter by many users.
His tweet quickly went viral on social media and many users started calling him out for his deeply insensitive post. Problems started when many users started tagging Mumbai Police and wanted to complain about Arshad Warsi for disturbing communal harmony.  It is not sure whether Mumbai Police took cognisance of the disturbing tweet made by Warsi but the actor went silent soon and only emerged back a few hours later.
After that Arshad deleted the problematic tweet and then posted an apology. Here is the apology tweet where Arshad says that he will never hurt the sentiments of another community again.
Meine kabhi bhi koi bhi tweet kisi ko dhuk pahuchaney ke liye nahi ki, agar kisi ko bura laga toh mein maafi chahata hun ainda aisa kabhi nahi hoga…— Arshad Warsi (@ArshadWarsi) March 9, 2019

Hopefully the issue will die down now with the apology by Arshad.


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