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Asad Umar & Company Sit Down to Eat Daal and People Are Going Crazy!

Finance Minister Asad Umar is known for his gentle and humble nature. Rain or shine, he remains cool as a cucumber and deals with all the situations in a calm manner.
Not only his friends, but foes also appreciate his down to earth nature. A recent example of his humility was seen when the federal minister along with State Minister for Revenue, Hammad Azhar, stopped at a local restaurant to enjoy his favorite daal.

Finance Minister @Asad_Umar enjoying his dinner, eating his favourite daal heartily at a restaurant on GT road. Revenue Minister @Hammad_Azhar also accompanied him. 😊
— PTI (@PTIofficial) January 28, 2019

According to details, the minister and his team were on their way back from the visit of Sialkot’s Chambers of Commerce when they stopped at a local restaurant at GT Road.
A video shared on Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) official Twitter handle, shows the ministers enjoying their meal and people are coming over for handshakes and selfies.
Not even once did Asad Umar frown or turned down any request and this is what won many’s hearts on the internet.
This was his fifth meeting with the business communities of various cities in five months. Previously, he has engaged with the business communities of Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and Faisalabad to take them into confidence for economic reforms – something his predecessor from PMLN govt couldn’t ever do in 5 yrs.
Here’s is how people reacted to the video:

جب قوم کے ٹیکس کو دل سے امانت مان لیں تو پھر یہ کوئی عجیب بات نہیں ۔۔۔۔ اللہ پاک انکو کامیاب کرے۔ آمین
— Muhammad Adnan Nazir (@AdnanNazirPK) January 29, 2019

یہ ہی سپیرٹ ضرورت ہے یہ ہم میں سے ہیں کو سپیشل لوگ نی ہاں اللہ نے ان کو ایک رطبہ دیا جس کی تاظیم کرنا ہمارا فرض ہے
— chaudhry (@shahid2874) January 29, 2019

Pakistani qoum bhi ajeeb hai . Khana khatay hoay Insaan say haath milanay aa jatay hain aur selfiyaan leytay hain I dont know when we will learn but hats of to you sir @Asad_Umar itni khush mijagee say miltay hain Lovely
— razaqbutt (@razaqbutt) January 29, 2019

غور کرو یے وفاقی وُزرا ہیں کوئ عام درباری نہیں۔ نا پروٹوکول نا ریسٹورینٹ خالی کروایا، نا کھابے منگواے۔ اے اللہ ان کی صحت و زندگی میں خیر و برکت فرما۔ امین۔
— Syed Sulaiman (@sayiedsulaiman) January 29, 2019

But few people thought that was not doing enough for the economy and that this was merely a gimmick to attract ‘cheap publicity.’
But, why?

I don’t really understand the urge or reason for such post ?
— Salman (@BBCSalman) January 28, 2019

Some bitter realities…

Double digit inflation, load shedding even in winter, record capital flight, stock market crash, development projects have all stopped and schools shutting down thanks to @Asad_Umar @ImranKhanPTI and their pindi masters. So @PTIofficial wants us to watch videos of daal.
— Thucydides (@patvaryzindabad) January 28, 2019


تھوڑے بڑے ہو جاؤ اب بس کر دو ہمیں پتہ چل گیا ہے کہ آپ لوگ سادے ہو اور دال روٹی کھا لیتے ہو۔ کام پر دھیان دو
— yasir wazir satti (@yasir1112) January 29, 2019

And this was one was hilarious.

And after this dinner the GDP growth increased by 5%, Inflation went down by 4% whereas trade deficit reduced by 3 billion dollars.@Xadeejournalist @Aadiiroy @HummaSaif @abdalian4ever @GulBukhari @Liaqyat @kabeerraja786
— Aamir (@Aamirrasheeed) January 29, 2019


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