Cricket Australia Investigates Smith Smith's Falsification Scandal

Cricket Australia says Steve Smith will remain captain during the investigation into the balloon falsification scandal during the third test against South Africa in Newlands, Cape Town. Smith asked Smith to resign or be fired for the premeditated plan developed during the lunch break on the third day. Smith said after the match yesterday that he would not give up but calls grow for the 28-year-old player to drop after admitting that he was the brain of the plan. .

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  1. Absolute bloody disgrace and embarrassment to Australia, I am ashamed of ALL involved and they all should be sacked and never be picked to play for Australia again…. grossly over paid CHEA.TS!

  2. How many times they have been caught. Last time looking into the dressing room to take a review and when caught they had all the excuses. This time, ball tampering, and when caught, they admit cheating.

  3. Aussies has cheating in their blood so there is nothing to shock rather every one should clap for an asshole like Bancroft for thinking that he will not gonna caught by the cameras what a buffoon!

  4. just remember the incident happened in bangalore test vs india , he was checking with the dressing room before asking the umpires for the DRS, and he was refusing that
    same happened here

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