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March 21, 2019

Faisalabad Pakistan

(The singer is Shafqat Ali Khan)

Faisalabad is a city in Punjab province, Pakistan. It was formerly known as Lyallpur. Faisalabad is the third largest city in Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore. Before the founding of the city in 1880, the area was very sparsely populated. The population increased from 9,171 in 1901 to 179,000 in 1951 and to 2,009,000 in 1998. The larger district of Faisalabad had about 5.4 million inhabitants in 1998.

Faisalabad was formerly part of the former Jhang and Sandalbar district, a 50-square-kilometer stretch of mainly thick forests and wild tribes. The band from Shahdara to Shorekot, from Sangla Hill to Toba Tek Singh, was traditionally called Sandalbar.

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Sights & Sounds of Pakistan

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  • super fantastic bro.. bohat bohat vadia lagya bohat maza aya apna fsd dykh k te thanks for make a video on faisalabad &take care thanks again

  • MY cute city ….Aamir zia Arriyadh KSA

  • nicc

  • Sehr schรถne Stadt๐Ÿ’ฎ

  • my name zahid ali from mandi kawatr nawalti pul

  • very beautiful.

  • Inshallah I will be going next month. I live in Faislabad near Chak Jhumra.

  • bahot apsos hota hai pakistan ki garebi dekh kr wakaie pakistan bahot gareeb mulk hai ham dua krte hai ki ae allah pakistan ki garebi dur krde bhale wo india ko apna dushman samajhta ho hame nicha dekhane ke koshesh krta ho magar firbhi ham hindustani pakistan ke liye dua hi krte hai ya to hidustan ki shaan ki ham apne se niche wale mulk ko apne barabar ka darja dete hai jai hind

  • shaheed bhagat singh da shehar … hope i get a chance to go to pakistan once in life

  • thanks Fahad Aleem .

  • hi how far chak 32 from faisalabad

  • my name is Shahbaz Sherazi living in ITALY from TANDLIANWALA CITY (FAISALABAD) miss my city

  • I miss Faisalabad!! I wonder if I will ever go back?

  • faisalabad shehr da video dekh k pta lagda hy k punjab dawadia khula dula aty bhut khoob surat shehr hy sady amritsar ch faislabad ch peda hoi kai loke hu v majud hn es da pehla name lailpur si

  • it is so very similar to indian streets and locale..jst been to wagah border..was so much touched by seeing pakistan n people..v are nt diverse bt r bind wit same culture..its jst bcoz of british v got separate..kindly forgot the past n join hand in hand..y cant v again b one..v lived together with love for centuries,its jst been 67yrs v r apart…u all r our own brothers..plz take initiatives to be a same india which was before 1947…

  • india jinda baad pakistan jinda baad jade dona nu ona di pen di lan

  • india pakistan dono pagal jade gore angrejan de faisle nu man rahe ne apne bande maar rahe ne …indeia ki hai pakistan ki hai …sab jagah allah hai bhagwan hai gore behan ke land kute ke buche hame lada rahe hain

  • Just came back Uk from Faisal abad. Love it and willbe back in couple of months

  • beautiful video

  • same here man
    but its not that safe bro

  • M missing u my GREAT city love u my birth place . M in America but still my heart is in FAISALABAD . the boy with coconut tray on road i know him . ๐Ÿ™‚ love FAISALABAD . . I got tears in my eyes . ๐Ÿ™

  • My lovely city Faisalabad missing u badly,even in London can,t forget these roads and street.

  • One of the most vibrant cities in South-Asia, amazing place it is Faisalabad in Punjab…

  • Laga hai misr ka bazar dekho.

    Laga hai Faisalabad ka Jhang Bazar dekho

    Tangoon key yah khari qatar dekho

    Kahin sirian lagai ja rehi hain

    Kahin muchian banai ja rahi hain

    Rehri par bikta achar dekho

    Laga hai Faisalabad ka Jhang Bazar dekho Lahori Munda From New York

  • faisalabad is good city abdulqayyum of jahangir khurd 257 rb

  • internet itna slow chal raha ha pori video kaisy dekhoon ab?

  • hey faisalabad my city my love. right now i am studying at UEL london and i will have to pass my 2 other semesters.
    stay awake faisalabad i am coming backkkkkkkkkkkk. miss you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Luv my faisalabad just came bak 2 weeks ago didn't want to leave but needs must..! =(

  • I luv Faisalabad.THanks for reminding me my past. Nice music.Thanks

  • I luv Faisalabad. Good effort.Excellent music

  • beautiful … pakistan zindabad

  • Been there, nice place, nice ppl

  • very nice video .Faisalabad is the great .

  • @tdot22 Pushtuns and Punjabis fought Nazis? I didnt know:O where would I find such info, any idea?

  • @turksmikey …. you know if it wasn't for Pushtuns,and Punjabis fighting the Nazis in Africa, and Europe and the Japanese, you would be speaking German right now, if it wasn't for Pakistan you would still be worrying about the Soviets… Your welcome

  • my old city….miss u faislabad….luv 2 come n see it 4 real.

  • Thanks a lot for the video!

  • very nice video….It looks very much like karachi…hope to travel all across my country one day!!! Happy 63rd birthday Pakistan!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I miss faisalabad

  • Should I try sending you some real glimpses?

  • Nice try but unable to show the real city, you showed only roads either leading into or out of the city. First it was motor way and later it was Sumundri Road….far away from the main city.

  • Salam ….aap kaise hain?
    Please, let me know what is the title of this song ……wonderful …
    Bohat shukriya …….
    Allah hafiz

  • Gr8 effort, in this video Chall chowk and than Sumundri road,,,ah Pardase main apna ghar yaad a giya bohat acha laga ,,good photography with nice sites and sound,,,

  • i love my pakistan

  • i love my pakistan

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