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February 21, 2019

Gohmert about the Awan computer scandal: "Hundreds of potential federal charges here"

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke with Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends about the ongoing investigation around Imran Awan, former IT assistant accused of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He commented on the informal audience that he attended this week, along with several other congressmen, and said that they "wanted to collect information and hope that our leaders would become more interested in this serious matter." ".

He also added, "I was shocked to learn this week, when we heard people talking who conducted the survey, that he spent many years [Imran Awan] would spend three months or more in Pakistan and would work and work on our computers here in Capitol Hill, far away from Pakistan. I do not really trust the Pakistani Internet … "

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  • This is the work of the Muslim Brotherhood. It's simple & plain to see, it's the infiltration from radical Islam.



  • sessions is the swamp

  • You bad mouthed the greatest investigative journalist of all time, George Webb? He is brilliant and brave and has made hundreds of videos revealing the true state of this country in the last year. If he ever makes a mistake he promptly corrects it. He is a true patriot and has done more to expose the clear and present danger to this country than everyone in the House put together. Words fail me, I cannot begin to express my disgust. I so wanted to believe we had a good man in government. UNSUBSCRIBED.

  • Wake us up when even ONE of the hundreds actually happens. Till then, Zzzzzzz The exact result they want. Bore us to sleep with endless crap while never actually doing anything.

  • Get them, Congressman. The corruption is beyond comprehension.

  • Brian Kilmeade is the dumbest person on a so called news show. Together they make a great team of idiots.

  • Why is the dumbest congressman speaking out on this?

  • Espionage is the charge! This Pakistani Spying is espionage clearly

  • @3:00 "…unauthorized [blank] accesses to his computer…" Thank you, U Tube, for protecting me from this potentially incriminating info. A people's representative, speaking in public surely has NO RIGHT to tell us what he has learned by listening & asking questions. The uninformed might think there is freedom of speech on Fox, on U Tube or in Congress. FOOLS!

  • So Mateaux

  • George Webb is doing all the work around the clock risking his life exposing this spy ring and all the corruption and was never mentioned what a crock!

  • Inter net research journalist have discovered that up ten homes were bought by Imran Awan and that the extent of this bank fraud is much larger and is pointing to a larger scale spy and crime ring in our government and maybe cover up members of our own congress.

  • Burr said Trump investigation is taking all of congress time

  • Why is W- Schultz still a sitting member? We have no counterintelligence.

  • I'm interested .. Keep it going …they are spies …

  • Dear Sir, you are missing so much of this picture, please… The conversation you had was a mere tip of this monster of an Iceberg. I implore you to seek other avenues when doing your research. Don't let us down. One of the Trio you spoke with had been compromised, please research, the truth reveals itself. My advice is to seek out George Webb and Jason Goodman, there are many, many details missing in the report the three have spoken to you about. Thank you for making this SpyRing Finally come to light, you have so much more to hear….

  • Gohmert mentioned Imran's whole family was on the IT payroll. Why did they all flee the country once the suspicious activity reports(SARs)  came in ? They did not mention why and how Imran bought so many houses ? Was it to ride the housing market upward or provide housing for operatives or operations ? I still do not have a house , and I have been in Technology for 30 years.

  • Finally!!! George Webb has been talking about this for a YEAR. Thank you Mr. Gohmert.

  • Mr. Gohmert, it's worse than the ghost payrolling. The Awan's were configuring the congressional Blackberries which were synched to non-governmental servers. THEY HAVE THOSE EMAILS!!!! That's how 650K emails got onto Anthony's laptop!!!! WE KNOW ABOUT ALL OF THIS AND WE WILL VOTE ACCORDINGLY IN 2018.

  • George Webb was on this a whole year ago….

  • Perfect news for all the nut-cases to feed off of. Enjoy your silly conjecture.


  • I care about this. it is very important. if mainstream does not report on this story that says a lot about mainstream.

  • Spay ring in Congress. Clear and present danger. Remember SEAL team 6, murdered due to sedition, Aug.6, 2011. Due to security leak through the Awan espionage team and ordered by Obama. Or who-ever gave Obama the order. It is still happening now. Pasistani IsI, ever read the news from India? Security breach in their Parliment as well. Compromised legislatures Debbie Wasser-lady is in deep trouble

  • Nothing will happen ! The Republicans are too scared cnn will call them islamaphobes. Sessions ? Ha ha ha , he doesn't work, only picks up a paycheck.

  • Remote operations are just as secure as local operations.  No one shows up because your "investigation" means nothing. Can't wait for your head to explode! BOOM! Like a pumpkin!

  • What about George Webb? He is the shoe leather investigator! The real story goes WAY beyond #spyringincongress!

  • There you go folks. We didn't want the FBI there we wanted formal.. A fricking NATIONAL SECURITY BREACH and they meet for tea and crumpets…..

  • @GohmertTX01 Researched List of Awan Members Congressmen/women hired

    * Aguilar – Pete Aguilar (D-CA31) Hired Jamal M Awan

    * Baldwin – Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) Hired Naila S. Awan

    * Barber – Ron Barber (D-AZ2) Hired Abid A Awan & Haseeb Rana

    * Bass – Karen Bass (D-CA37) Hired Imran Awan & Hina Alvi

    * Bean – Melissa Bean (D-IL8) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Beatty – Joyce Birdson Beatty (D-OH3) Hired Imran Awan

    * Becerra – Xavier Becerra (D-CA34) Hired Imran Awan

    * Brownley – Julia Brownley (D-CA26) Hired Haseeb Rana, Jamal M Awan & Imran Awan

    * Cárdenas – Tony Cárdenas (D-CA29) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Carney Now Governor John Carney (D-DE) Hired Hina Alvi

    * Carson – Andre Carson (D-IN7) Hired Imran Awan

    * Castro – Joaquín Castro (D-TX20) Hired Imran Awan & Haseeb Rana

    * Clark – Katherine Clark (D-MA5) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Clarke – Yvette Clarke (D-NY9) Hired Abid A Awan, Hina Alvi & Abid A Awan

    * Cleaver – Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO5) Hired Nataliia Sova, Hina Alvi, Abid A Awan, Haseeb Rana & Rao Abbas

    * Costa – Jim Costa (D-CA16) Hired Imran Awan & Abid A Awan

    * Crist – Charlie Crist (D-FL13) Hired Imran Awan

    * Crowley – Joe Crowley (D-NY14) Hired Rao Abbas

    * DeGette – Diana DeGette (D-CO1) Hired Imran Awan

    * Democratic Caucus Hired Hina R Alvi

    * Deutch – Theodore Deutch (D-FL21) Hired Nataliia Sova, Imran Awan & Rao Abbas

    * Donnelly Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) Hired Muhammad A. Awan

    * Duckworth – Sen. Tammy Duckworth old (D-IL8) Hired Imran Awan

    * Frankel – Lois Frankel (D-FL22) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Franks – Trent Franks (R-AZ8) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Fudge – Marcia Fudge (D-OH11) Hired Imran Awan

    * Garcia – Joe Garcia (D-FL26) Hired Haseeb Rana

    * Grisham – Lujan Grisham (D-NM1) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Gutiérrez – Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL4) Hired Imran Awan

    * Hill – Baron Hill (D-IN9) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Himes – Jim Himes (D-CT4) Hired Imran Awan

    * Jeffries – Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY8) Hired Imran Awan

    * Kelly – Robin Kelly (D-IL2) Hired Imran Awan, Haseeb Rana & Jamal M Awan

    * Kildee – Dan Kildee (D-MI5) Hired Imran Awan & Hina R Alvi

    * Kildee Dan Kildee (D-MI5) Hired Hina R Alvi & Imran Awan

    * Levin – Sander Levin (D-MI9) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Lieu – Ted Lieu (D-CA33)Hired Imran Awan

    * Loebsack – David Loebsack (D-IA2) Hired Imran Awan, Hina R Alvi, Haseeb Rana & Jamal M Awan

    * McEachin Donald McEachin (D-VA4) Hired Imran Awan

    * Meeks – Gregory Meeks (D-NY5) Hired Imran Awan, Abid A Awan & Hina R Alvi

    * Moulton – Seth Moulton (D-MA6) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Murphy – Patrick Murphy (D-FL18) Hired Rao Abbas & Imran Awan

    * Quigley – Mike Quigley (D-IL5) Hired Imran Awan

    * Richmond – Cedric Richmond (D-LA2) Hired Imran Awan & Jamal M Awan

    * Rochester Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-DE) Hired Abid A Awan

    * Rooney – Tom Rooney Hired Hina R Alvi

    * Rosen – Jacky Rosen (D-NV3)

    * Ryan – Tim Ryan (D-OH13) Hired Abid A Awan & Hina R Alvi

    * Sarbanes – John Sarbanes (D-MD3) Hired Imran Awan & Rao Abbas

    * Schultz – Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL23) Hired Imran Awan

    * Sewell – Terri Sewell (D-AL7) Hired Imran Awan

    * Sinema – Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ9) Hired Haseeb Rana & Jamal M Awan

    * Soto – Darren Soto (D-FL9) Hired Imran Awan

    * Speier – Jackie Speier (D-CA14) Hired Hina R Alvi & Imran Awan

    * Swalwell – Eric Swalwell (D-CA15) Hired Imran Awan

    * Takano – Mark Takano (D-CA41) Hired Imran Awan, Haseeb Rana & Jamal M Awan

    * Waxman – Henry Waxman (D-CA33) Hired Jamal M Awan & Nataliia Sova

    * Wilson – Frederica Wilson (D-FL24) Hired Imran Awan

  • Can a subpoena be issued to require Apple to release the registrations of the iPhones, iPads, and other equipment that Awan ordered (and paid for with taxpayers' money), received and then distributed to others?

  • @GohmertTX01 IMRAN AWAN (7) Seven 400K Mortgages on HAWKSHEAD DR
    * 9667 Hawkshead Drive in Lorton, VA is not part of bank fraud indictment. WHY?
    * Mortgage Info

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