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Images from Safe City Project Leak and Expose Private Lives of Citizens

The world is striving to build smart cities, as they are safer, more institutionally integrated, and more responsive in case of emergencies.
Pakistan also joined the league by launching the Punjab Safe City Project in May 2016. However, the police department thought to take a different road and use the project for some other purposes.
A few images have been leaked allegedly by the police department. The images are an outrageous breach of privacy on part of a government department, as they show the private life of the passengers.
NAB Orders Investigation into Why 600 Out of 1800 Safe City Cameras Aren’t Working
The pictures are circulating on all social media platforms. Some have alleged that the police department itself has leaked the pictures.
The populace has expressed its shock and disgust for these pictures. Many of the people underlined that nobody has the right to invade the personal lives of the citizens.

Unfortunately, legislators often fail to realise the issues involved when they go along with greater surveillance. Or privacy issues are brushed off as irrelevant. If they or one of their family members were the target of such unauthorised sharing, they’d think twice.
— Hasan Zaidi (@hyzaidi) January 20, 2019

While a lot of crimes go unnoticed, even in the presence of cameras, this is what the state departments choose to focus on. Even if it is not officials from the police department, someone from the government is responsible for the leaks, be it intentional or due to negligence.
Everything that involves monitoring has to have a comprehensive data protection policy and should not invade anyone’s privacy.

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