Katrina Kaif, Irrfan Khan, Fawad Khan: Newsmakers in Masala Five Spices This Week

Missed the latest Bollywood headlines? Worry not! Each week our editor Lekha Menon and her fellow Bollywood buff Mahwash Ajaz bring you the latest news, gossip, events and movies in the show 5 spices. This week we have the following… 
1. Top Headline
Irrfan is back to shoot, Katrina had an interesting insight on marriage and Ranveer Singh wowed Berlin! By the way, is Hindi Medium 2 going to star Saba Qamar?
2. Social Media Moment
There’s a war on drugs and our celebrities are raising their voices on social media to fight against drugs. And whose voice is on top? Sanju Baba’s! See Mahwash and Lekha’s take on it.
3. Movie Chat
Badla trailer has released and what do you make of it? We had two diverse opinions. 

4. Song of the Week
Coca Cola what? No seriously, is that a song? Yikes.
5. Events in Dubai
Pakistan Super League is happening at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Are you attending? What exactly is the handsome Fawad Khan doing there? Also find out how you can get the latest updates on PSL’s opening ceremonies.
Watch to find out


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