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KPITB Sets Up a State of The Art Cyber Security Lab in The Province

In an effort to protect the cyberspace of the country, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) has installed a state of the art Cyber Security lab in the province.
The modern tech lab, named KP-CERC, aims to equip students with the latest in cybersecurity to help them counter the increasing cyber attacks in the country.
The idea is to train cybersecurity professionals with market-worthy skills to strengthen both organizations and the industry as a whole.
There are several universities in KP which offer certificates and degrees in IT related fields. But the market demands practical orientation and hands-on expertise in Cybersecurity.
To cover this gap, KP-CERC is offering students market-worthy training which can enhance their skill set and train them in evolving technologies.
More About KP-CERC

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cyber Emergency Response Centre (KP-CERC) is a special cybersecurity course which offers aspirant students training and certification opportunities in Cyber Security. The idea is to prepare a force which can defend the cyber frontiers of the country.
Here’s how KPTIB website describes the course.
“KP-CERC is the first of its kind project, pioneering new cybersecurity technologies and programs; ensuring safe cyberspace for the citizens. KP-CERC will comprise two wings: (a) Counter & Response wing (b) Research & Development wing. The purposes of both wings collectively will be to provide pro-active and reactive response towards any kind of cyber-attacks.
“The Counter and Response wing will cater to the need of responding to the ever-increasing rate of Cyber-attacks on a national, organizational and individual level. The purpose of this initiative is to introduce Cyber Security as a field of research and study all across the country and to standardize every institution in compliance with proposed Cyber Security certifications. It will provide a platform in capacity building of the cybersecurity professionals to strengthen organizations and to establish a facility for countering Cyber Attacks at an individual, organizational and national level.”

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