Maryam Nawaz NA-120 Funny Rally | L4L TV Ep22 ✔

Maryam Nawaz Rally NA-120

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  1. Quom ka itna Fund churaia hai, aur Awam kam se kam Chor kö chor kehna ka to haq hai !?
    Beghairat chor, jaise ke Ishak dar ghaddar ! Bhaggorah ab bhi finance minister hai ? Yeh kahan ka Insaaf ?

  2. NA120 k muhtaram logo Sab se pehly Pakistan! koi kitna bhi kahy aap ney apni supreme court ke fesly key sath hi khara hona hey. Takht e Lahore per corrupt mafia ko nahi qabiz honey dena es dafa! Aala Adliyaa ki izaat ab aap k hath hey. Vote for PTI or any other party but not for N League and its allies, to endorse Supreme Court Decision.

  3. Ugly Papa chor hay
    Mama chor hay
    Uncle chor hay
    Maryam chor hay.
    Hassan chor hay
    Hussain chor hay

    The whole khenzeer family chor hain, who have looted Pakistan for over 35 years. Time to put them in prison forever. Only the lowest of the low will vote for the MAFIA FAMILY, which is needed to be eliminated.

    So many trashy / worthless / ignorant, uneducated, lowest of the low LAHORI THUGS listening to Maryam CHOR of the MAFIA FAMILY, which has looted Pakistan for over 35 years. Curse on them for bringing shame to their wonderful historical city.

    All your types should be LYNCHED in public, along with the MAFIA FAMILY members who have been looting Pakistan for over 35 years, to have over 340 properties in England alone. You traitors.

  4. Pakistan has a new and 2nd National anthem, which I want to hear every patriotic Lahoris and other patriotic Pakistanis sing all throughout the final cricket match.

    Come on, altogether now………..

    Gali gali may shor hay, sara tuber chor hay.

    Gali gali may shor hay, sara tuber chor hay.

    Gali gali may shor hay, sara tuber chor hay.

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