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Pakistan Ranks at 51st in Graduate Skills for 2018

Pakistan is ranked 51st out of 140 in terms of graduate skills with Switzerland being the best performer in this regard.
According to the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Competitiveness Report (GCR), Switzerland is the best country when it comes to the skill set of graduates.
It ranked Pakistan at 51 with a score of 54.8 and a value of 4.3, just above average. The competitiveness report calculated the value of graduate skills in the range of 1-7, 7 being the highest. It took into account the availability of graduate skills required by the businesses in the present era.
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Here are the best performers of 2018 regarding graduate skills,
Switzerland, rank: 1
US, rank: 2
Netherlands, rank: 3
Finland, rank: 4
Singapore, rank: 5
Malaysia, rank: 6
Germany, rank: 7
Iceland, rank: 8
Israel, rank: 9
Sweden, rank: 10
Denmark, rank: 11
Ireland, rank: 12
Austria, rank: 13
Hong Kong SAR, rank: 14
Belgium, rank: 15
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Ranking of other countries is as follows:
Qatar, rank: 16
Luxemburg, rank: 19
Canada, rank: 20
Norway, rank: 22
Lebanon, rank: 25
UK, rank: 28
Portugal, rank: 29
Bahrain, rank: 31
Indonesia, rank: 33
France, rank 35
India, rank: 36
China, rank: 37
Japan, rank: 40
S Korea, rank: 85
Kuwait, rank: 43
Sri Lanka, rank: 44
Saudi Arabia, rank: 50
Pakistan, rank: 51
Italy, rank: 60
Spain, rank: 47
Russia, rank: 72
South Africa, rank: 85
Turkey, rank: 94
To view the complete report click here.

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