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March 21, 2019

Pakistan Set To Release An Air Force Film With an Indian Pilot Character

A Pakistani film with the name Sherdil is set to release and it has an Indian pilot as a character as well.
The film stars Mikaal Zulfiqaar, Armeena Khan in key roles. The Indian pilot’s character is to be played by Hasan Niazi.
According to the trailer, the film is based on the lives of Pakistani Air Force pilots. Mikaal Zulfiqaar stars as the hero and Armeena Khan is his love interest. The film is also set in Dubai in some parts. In a flight training exercise, according to the film’s trailer, Indian pilot Arun Veerani (Hasan Niazi) is in combat with Flight Lieutenant Haris (Mikaal Zulfiqaar). It also stars Sabeeka Imam and Samina Ahmad. Sabeeka stars as Sarah Francis as the flight training exercise host and Samina Ahmad stars as the matriarch to Mikaal’s character.
The film also alludes to surgical strikes and ends with Haris’ dialog, “If I don’t return tell my father, martyrs never die.”
Sherdil comes at an interesting juncture as it is set to release in cinemas by March 22, 2019. The rising cross-border tensions, especially between the air forces of Pakistan and India, will definitely bring the audiences to the cinema. On February 14th, an attack occurred on a convoy of CRPF soldiers in Pulwama, Kashmir. Later, Indian Air Force attacked Balakot and claimed to kill many terrorists. Following this, Pakistani Air Force shot down a MIG-21 and captured Wing Commander Abhinandan. Abhinandan was released back to India within the week.
Watch the trailer of Sherdil here.



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