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March 20, 2019

Qasim Ali Shah Leaked Scandal

Qasim Ali Shah Leaked Scandal are going viral now these days a girl call Salwa Mueen show this video and try to expose Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. and trying to tell whats going on inside his foundation its a very hot and leaked scandal but we are here to show another part of this story

Video 1

so far as you see this video you may realize that she is very great and doing a great job to protect women and expose him but when we start re search on this case we got this video Direct From Qasim Ali Shah

and now we and you may relies that how much pain full moment this cloud be for him imagine a person did a job for 20 years to make some thing good invest his life to his mission and a girl come and try to demolish her mission we think she should be punished for this so for next time no one can try to do this.

Salwa Mueen scandal


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