Shell is Working to Improve Fuel Standards in Pakistan

A little over a year ago, the Pakistani oil industry was rocked by a scandal which involved certain companies using metals in their fuel to artificially boost the RON rating.
The oil companies used manganese to ensure that their fuel products could meet the appropriate octane levels, albeit by artificial means.
The drawback of adding metals to fuels was that these products proved to be harmful to car engines in different ways. Car owners across Pakistan faced issues as their engines became clogged with metal deposits, resulting in:
Engine choking
Damage to spark plugs, resulting in loss of engine efficiency and power
Unwanted emissions
Engine Knocking
And not just that but the use of these artificially boosted fuels also proved to be harmful to our environment. Such adulterated fuels can cause poisonous emissions and cause breathing problems for us.
They also tend to pollute the environment more than clean fuels, as smoke emissions and smog are a byproduct of such fuels. The environment continues to get damaged as a result of these fuels with every passing day.
Shell & Co. Leading from the Front
A few oil marketing companies, such as Shell Pakistan, are working towards improving the standards of the market. How do they do that? By rigorous testing and meeting all the required standards before selling fuel to consumers in Pakistan.
Shell, with its V-Power, puts quality and consumer satisfaction above all else. It is hoped that many other oil marketing companies realize the gravity of the situation and regain the customer’s trust before it is too late.
There is no denying that many companies, to maximize their profit margins, revert to cost-cutting methods. These companies take the shortcuts in order to ensure that their fuel passes the prerequisite RON ranking so that it can be sold all over Pakistan.
The losses and anguish that the average car owner in Pakistan has been facing over the last few years is difficult to put down.
Not only does the government need an official authority like OGRA to keep a check on the products being sold in the local market, but there is a need for soul-searching and corrective measures by the OMCs themselves.

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