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Twitter is Celebrating Supreme Court’s Verdict in Khadija Siddiqui’s Case

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the arrest of the main accused in Khadija Siddiqui’s case, declaring Lahore High Court’s earlier verdict null and void.
Khadija Siddiqui was stabbed by her class-fellow, Shah Hussain, on Davis Road, Lahore in broad daylight on May 3, 2016. She was stabbed 23 times when she went with her driver to pick up her younger sister from school, sustaining critical injuries.
After Shah Hussain’s acquittal by the Lahore High Court in June 2018, the law student had turned to the apex court, filing an appeal in search of justice. The landmark decision came earlier today and the Twitterati are expressing their gratitude to the top court for serving justice.
Let’s have a look at how people are sharing their views.

Khadija Siddiqi has won her case! So happy for her. Justice finally served. Her attacker, Shah Hussain, who stabbed her 23 times, arrested on the spot!
— Ali Khan Tareen (@aliktareen) January 23, 2019

Does this stop here?

This makes me happy. But please don’t stop there. Shah Hussain’s father, an influential lawyer, tried to impede the course of justice. He heads a gang of lawyers and they threatened and intimidated the victim at every point during this case.
— Ahmad Shahan (@HeelGimmick) January 23, 2019

A good start by the new CJP.

It takes time, but truth always prevails! Congratulations Khadija! Shah Hussain deserves this. Best opening shot by Justice Khosa!#shahhussain#SupremeCourt
— FaizanAfzal (@Faizan_Afzal1) January 23, 2019

FINALLY! Justice served!Shah Hussain Convicted & Arrested in khadija Stabbing case,.Thanks to CJ Pakistan.More power to you Khadija..
— Pakistan (@SpectrumsOfPak) January 23, 2019

A big relief.

The Supreme Court ordered the arrest of Shah Hussain in the Khadija stabbing case, justice finally served, big relief for victim.
— Muhammad Adil Abbasi (@AdilabbasiAry) January 23, 2019

Hats off to her for standing up.

#KhadijaSiddiqui stabbing case: Shah Hussain arrested on #SC orders
The brave, strong @khadeeeej751 fights for justice — and gets it
— Adeel Ahsan🇵🇰 (@syedadeelahsan) January 23, 2019

FINALLY! Justice served! Was worth the wait! shah Hussain Convicted & Arrested in khadija Stabbing case, It regains my trust in our judiciary system.Salute To CJP Asif saeed khosa and #KhadijaSiddiqui ! brave Girl More Power to you !!!
— faisal (@FaisalViewss) January 23, 2019

Challenging the lawyer mafia of Lahore.

SC finally delivers justice to #KhadijaSiddiqui by overruling the verdict of the HC & ordering the arrest of accused Shah Hussain. Khadija after running from pillar to post & facing the lawyer mafia of Lahore gets justice.
— Abdul Majeed Khan Marwat (@koolkopper) January 23, 2019

Justice wins today – Pakistan wins today.

SC overturns Shah Hussain’s acquittal in Khadija stabbing case, orders arrest. Congratulations @khadeeeej751. Your struggle & resilience is a source of inspiration for women. Today is a win for Pakistan
— Hina Butt (@hinaparvezbutt) January 23, 2019

An inspiration for other girls.

Supreme Court Orders Arrest of Shah Hussain in Khadija Siddiqui Stabbing caseA hard struggle by Khadija to get JusticeKudos to this brave girl for Not Giving Up
Congratulations GirlU r an Inspiration for other girls of this countryProud of u❤️
— Nilab Kayani💚🇵🇰 (@amina_kayani12) January 23, 2019

The question remains.

How did Shah Hussain get an acquittal from LHC earlier? Some serious reforms are needed in our judicial system. #khadijasiddiqui
— Arsalan Zia William (@arsalanwilliam) January 23, 2019

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