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March 21, 2019

Yousaf Bashir Qureshi Poetry

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi is a walking mystery that speaks. His personality is a bit like a dichotomy, a disunion, he wears inversely, he wears a white tunic up to his knees with a wraparound lung and to add to the look of thick silver bracelets, Crocs and an artistic bag made hand. He has sparkling eyes and an easy smile, he is called bhudda baba by people for the way he behaves. "I am a malang," says the father of three who attended the University of Nebraska and has a degree in food science. After graduating, Qureshi opened a fashion cafe in Lincoln, Nebraska, called Silk Cafe, after the Silk route that runs along the Pakistani border. It's here that Yousuf has learned the techniques and know-how of fashion

Tags: pakistani scandals

Punjabi Lehar پنجابی لہر

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  • Pure love dear
    Beautiful voice and Lines Also

  • Amazing voice. …

  • Geoooooo Geooooo

  • kia awaz h bndy ki….

  • Best poetry ever I listened in my life. Good job Sir thank Sir you come back to Pakistan. This country need you . Because we all are dead 💀 know. You can give us our life back. Thank you so much dear Sir

  • کُفرِیہ کلام 👎👎👎

  • Kufriaa kalimaat 👎👎👎

  • Wah kya khiyalat hain nice bazorgoo

  • YBQ very nice personality I love voice👍

  • Love from India

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Best one

  • Voice 😍👌

  • From india ..Great sir

  • Love from india

  • Slaying❤

  • Such a deep meaning poetry. Hats off Sir.
    May Allah be with us all the time and protect us from every harm. Ameen

  • Very nice

  • Aisay legends centuries bd paida hotay hai

  • Wow

  • ❤️

  • sir apka fb ka dakha apka fan hogaya


  • Awesome poetry and voice also kitni gehrai sy likhi ho gi kya bt ha.

  • Sir dil me dard jgaa diya very hrt touching poem

  • Maza Aa Gaya Sun Kar

  • Love from India..❤️

  • You are amazing sir❤️

  • Suprb😍

  • Mashallah

  • Good good sir

  • kitni baaar suna but dil nahi bhara….

  • जिल्लत भरी जिंदगी में शराब बेहतर है ।
    महफ़िल-ए शाम में शबाब बेहतर है।
    शमा नशे में था , आशिकी के दर्द में
    इश्क़ ए नशे से तो ये जाम बेहतर है।।

    माना कि! रुखसार जिंदगी थी, यार के बिना
    माना कि ! पलके गीली थी प्यार के बिना।
    मगर इम्तिहान-ए इश्क़ में हम फरार ही बेहतर है।।

    कुछ यूं मिले आशिक़ हमे ,
    हम अनजान ही बेहतर है।
    आशिको के नाम से तो अच्छा,
    हम गुमनाम ही बेहतर है।।

    © /insta : poetry_menia

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